Owner, Crafter & Designer


Sarah Cox is co-owner, co-crafter, and designer of Rustic Grains.  Sarah was born and raised in Texas and moved to Ohio with her family in 1998.  Her and Daniel currently reside in Pleasant Plain, OH. with their 3 kiddos.
She appreciates a simpler life, making from scratch, and the older ways of living.  She cherishes family time, handmade goods, and having home at the center of all things.  Sarah strives to create unique and simple pieces that can complement any space.  She loves to make old things new and find ways to make use out of everything.
In between the craziness of life, Sarah enjoys life on the farm and the time she gets in the kitchen cooking family recipes.  She cherishes family traditions and loves snuggling up in a handmade quilt with her littles.