Mustard Seed Box- Annual Subscription (Monthly Shipment)

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Each monthly RG curates a unique selection of hand picked items with you in mind.  We fill these boxes to the brim with items that make it easy to incorporate into your home.  Our Mustard Seed Boxes are crafted with different decor and themes each month to help you transition from season to season and trend to trend.  

Each box will come with approximately 4-8 items. Boxes will be available the first parts of each month with delivery 1-2 weeks following.  

From vintage to farmhouse and everything in between, these boxes are unique in themselves and carry home decor items you will love!

Our Annual Subscription is a rolling 12 months (so it starts the month that you purchase).  Being an Annual Subscriber, you will receive our CHRISTMAS box for FREE ($79 value) along with 20% OFF an additional purchase each month on our website.  This listing includes SHIPPING for the entire year.

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