Mustard Seed Candle Collection

Rustic Grains Mustard Seed Candle Collection are unique limited edition candles released 4 times a year- Spring, Summer, Fall, Christmas.  The RG Crew smell tests each of our scents starting with mixing scents we love until we find the perfect one for the season.  We then hand pick jars and create simple yet elegant labels for each of our candles.  Once we have the vision, we turn the reins over to Moonlight Candle Co. to help us bring the candles to life.

During the pouring process, we incorporate mustard seeds through out the candle. We pray that when you burn this candle in your home, you see the mustard seeds and they can serve as a gentle reminder to continue to have Faith as a grain of mustard seed- Matthew 17:20.

Every candle is tested by a group of candle testers across the U.S. to ensure they are perfect for your home!

Each candle is hand poured by Moonlight Candle Co., using natural soy wax for clean burning and hand-picked fine fragrance oil.  Moonlight Candle Co. is a local family owned business out of Blanchester, Ohio.

** CANDLE REFILLS- Each of our antique candles are available for refills.  Once your candle jar is empty, just let us know and we will fill it with the current seasonal scent at refill cost.