Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Builds


How Do You Ship?

Rustic Grains offers delivery or local pick up of any custom build.  Early on in the build process, we will communicate with you and provide you with multiple options for install, delivery, or local pick up.  Due to the size of our products, we will not ship any large pieces of furniture.  Please reach out to Daniel or Sarah directly with any questions you might have.

What Are Your Standard Finishes?

All our finishes are sealed with a clear polyurethane, which protects against normal wear and tear.  Stain colors depend on the type and age of wood. i.e. older wood has a naturally darker color.  When deciding on your stain color, message us to talk through options.


How Many People Will My Table Seat?

We typically say to allow 2′ for each chair at your table, however, it depends on the size of the chairs you plan to use. Keep in mind if you use a bench on one or both sides you will be able to fit more people. The diagram below can help get you started on deciding what length works best for you.



What Size Bench Do I Need for My Table?

If your table has four legs, a bench needs to be one foot shorter than the table to slide underneath. i.e. a 7′ bench will slide under an 8′ table. If your table has a pedestal or trestle base, a bench can be the same length as the table.


Will Reclaimed Wood Furniture Last?

Yes. The wood we use may look rough and have imperfections such as nail holes, knots, and dings, but it’s older and harder than anything you’d get from the hardware or big box stores. Because the trees were allowed to grow larger before they were harvested, the grain is tighter and therefore stronger.


Will the Finish on My Furniture Be Rough?

No. Though we leave the natural imperfections in the wood, they are sanded smooth and coated with a water-based polyurethane to stand up to normal wear and tear. 


How Do I Care for My New Furniture?

Indoor furniture requires no special care. Just wipe it down with whatever cleaner you normally use i.e. warm damp rag with soap, Clorox wipes, etc. You just want to be sure to never submerge it in water or let water stand on table for an extended period of time. 


Please email us at [email protected] or call us at 513-910-9733 if you have any other questions.